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Urination Refined


Ready for the nitty gritty? Gritty might not be the right word…these urinal sculptures are too lovely not to keep clean!

Spuds & Flush Mechanisms



All urinal sculptures are fitted with a spud (a metal fitting that connects the porcelain unit to the plumbing pipes). The spud consists of a standard 1.5-inch drain connector and .75-inch flush valve connection. Flush valve connections can be located on the top of the piece (for standard flush mechanisms which mount above the urinal) or on the back of the piece (for in-wall flush mechanisms). In-wall flush mechanisms require access behind the wall where the urinal will be placed. Please consult a plumber or plumbing supplier prior to ordering. Flush mechanisms are not included in the piece. For more information about flush mechanisms, visit Sloan Valve Company.


Urinal Pedestals

These images show a California Poppy Urinal with a back spud and a custom pedestal.

Custom urinal pedestals are available to cover the drain pipes and are available in any color to complement the urinal sculpture. The height of the pedestal will depend on the design of the urinal and desired height. A urinal pedestal costs $450 and takes approximately 6-8 weeks to create.

Installation & Specs

As each urinal sculpture is unique, installation instructions and specifications will be provided with the piece. A sample of the Installation & Specs sheet is available here

Pricing & Payment

Custom orders require a 50% deposit before work can begin. Prices do not include shipping and handling. Taxes or duties will be charged where applicable. Payment in the form of check, money order, or direct wire transfer accepted (sorry, no credit cards). To order, please contact Sorensen.


Recognizing the potential of taking the urinal from bathroom fixture to work of art, Clark Sorensen specializes in high-fire porcelain pieces that are meticulously handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. Sorensen's urinals are the perfect contradiction – transforming an ugly urinal, something taken for granted in the men’s room and rarely seen in a home, into a refined and respectable work of art.

Sorensen's pieces are fully functioning porcelain fixtures that can be plumbed and used in private or commercial settings. Each urinal is unique as he does not use molds to create his pieces. Sorensen utilizes an exacting coil building method, adding a small amount of clay each day over a series of weeks before the pieces are ready to dry. The drying process can take from 3-8 months, depending on the size. The pieces are then fired twice, and what results are durable, commercial-grade urinals that you won’t find anywhere else.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Special orders for custom, floral, and shell urinal sculptures are available with or without a pedestal. Contact Sorensen to discuss your custom project or design needs.

Most urinals are custom made but finished pieces are occasionally on hand.
Please contact Sorensen for information about available pieces.

Flower and Shell Urinal Sculptures

Venus Fly Trap Urinal $16,500


The most recent addition to Sorensen's line up of whimsical urinal. This carnivorous plant comes with a full set of spikes. They look dangerous but are made of friendly silicone rubber. Pedestal is included.

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Tiger Lily Urinal $9900


This vivacious orange lily can be created in any color you desire. Water artfully streams from the center to add to its magic.


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Lotus Flower Urinal $9500


This water flower with its rows of petals can transform your bathroom into a Zen retreat. The fountain-like flush will delight you every time you use it.


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Pink Orchid Urinal $9900

The most highly coveted of ornamental plants can also be an ornamental fixture in your powder room. Graceful and exotic, the Pink Orchid Urinal features light pink petals and a pale yellow center.


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Yellow Orchid Urinal $10,600

A rare beauty, this urinal captures the natural colors of the yellow orchid with its green-veined, pale yellow petals.

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Orange Orchid Urinal $9900

A punch of orange and gold, this urinal disguises the flushing mechanism in the back spud, making it an ideal work of art for a floral-themed bathroom.

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Yellow Lady’s Slipper Orchid Urinal $9500

The Lady’s Slipper Orchid is a rare and exotic flower with three petals and a slipper-like pouch. A striking yellow, this urinal will bring any powder room to life.

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Pink Lady’s Slipper Orchid Urinal $9500

Graceful and delicate, this urinal features a mix of pinks and yellows. Three detailed petals surround the bowl in this back spud version.

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Pink & Green Orchid Urinal $10,600

The rare beauty of this orchid is captured in this urinal sculpture with its pink and green stripes on the petals and distinctive pouch.

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Pitcher Plant Urinal $9900

One of the most exotic and mysterious plants, the pitcher plant features stunning greens and reds in nature. This urinal sculpture is designed to capture what it needs to (as it does in nature).

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Tulip Urinal $9900

With six hand-formed petals, the tulip grows in a variety of colors in nature. Shown in yellow/orange, this urinal can be ordered in any color you desire.

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Poppy Urinal $8500

A staple of hillsides and fields along California roadways, the poppy provides a joyful burst of color. Shown in red (Oriental Poppy) and orange (California Poppy), custom colors are available.

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Hibiscus Urinal $9500

Showy and sassy, the hibiscus flowers are large, trumpet-shaped specimens typically with five undulating petals and center style. Shown in red and orange, custom colors are available.

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Jack-In-The-Pulpit Urinal $9900

As in nature, the spathe (pulpit) wraps around the spadix (Jack) and features graceful purple and brownish stripes.

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Hollyhock Urinal $9900

The popular garden plant will be a popular fixture in your bathroom with its broad petals, green and yellow center, and green sepals. A red, back spud version of this urinal is shown, but custom colors and top spud version are available.

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Easter Lily Urinal $9900

The details of the Easter lily are portrayed in this urinal featuring a white trumpet-shaped flower with pale yellow and green accent and the magnificent carpel and style in the center which distribute the water when flushing.

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Calla Lily Urinal $8900

A beautiful and graceful flower, the calla lily is recreated in this urinal sculpture with its pure white spathe and stunning yellow spadix.

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Morning Glory Urinal $7900

Perfect for a bold bathroom, this urinal represents the morning glory flower with its blue and white petals and lime green sepals.

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Sego Lily Urinal $7900

The sego lily, the state flower of Utah (Sorensen’s home state), has three broad white petals tinged with yellow, red, and green in the center.


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Nautilus Shell Urinal $9900


The grace of the nautilus shell whorl is captured in this urinal sculpture, which provides an ideal reservoir with its large shell opening. The colors of the reddish-brown stripes imitate those found in nature.

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Snail Shell Urinal $10,900

This urinal mimics the graceful spiral of the snail shell in rich reddish-brown colors on the outer shell and white porcelain on the inside.

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Spiral Shell Urinal $10,900

The spiral shell, with its wavy opening and reddish-brown swirls on the white porcelain, is detailed in this urinal, fitting for a beach-themed bathroom.

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